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The Recovery Process at Brooks Detox

Brooks Detox is a state-of-the-art substance abuse treatment facility in Atlanta, Georgia. We offer a full range of treatment options to help you in your addiction recovery. We want to help you break the chains of addiction and rediscover a life of sobriety. You can count on Brooks Detox to help you find the hope, encouragement and practical assistance you need to have a successful recovery.

Our Staff and Facility

Brooks Detox drug rehab facility of Atlanta GA provides a safe and comfortable place where you can work through intense emotions and develop better coping mechanisms. Our staff is experienced in helping our clients move from denial to acceptance to reform. We also provide practical assistance through therapy and education classes on addiction. Using the latest research and techniques, we will work with you on your journey to recovery.

The Detox Process

Physical detox is a vital step in recovery. The professionals at our addiction treatment center will monitor and aid you through this process. While we understand that this can be an uncomfortable step in the recovery process, it is a crucial one in mitigating your dependence on the abused substance.

Dual Diagnosis

Mental health evaluations and treatments are also important to your recovery. Because mental health issues are frequently the underlying causes of addiction, it is critical to deal with them properly. Our addiction treatment facility has a team of experienced professionals to help you identify any mental health issues that may be causing destructive behavioral patterns. After we have helped you identify these issues, we will then address them through a personalized treatment program.

Honest Communication

At Brooks Detox in Atlanta, GA, you will find an open and tolerant environment. Therefore, you should feel comfortable sharing your honest feelings and opinions with staff and fellow peers. This will allow our counselors to create an honest assessment of you and to tailor treatment to your specific needs. Recovery only works when you are honest with yourself and those around you.

Individual Therapy Sessions

Individual therapy at an addiction recovery facility is another essential part of the process. In these private therapy sessions you will be invited and encouraged to discover the triggers that led to destructive or counterproductive behaviors. Together, you and your counselor will work toward understanding how these triggers may originate from past traumas or unaddressed mental health issues. Our therapists and counselors will then help you build coping skills to deal with temptations and break old habits.

Group Therapy Sessions

You will also be taking part in group therapy sessions at Brooks addiction recovery center. Group therapy provides you with opportunities to build meaningful and purposeful relationships. They also provide you with a chance to implement some of the tactics that you learned in one-on-one therapy. Additionally, they will allow you to share your troubles, encourage others, and learn from your fellow peers’ stories of success.

Aftercare Options

The recovery process doesn't end when you complete your personalized treatment plan. Aftercare is vital for continued success. Our aftercare program includes skill-building classes, meetings with a case manager, and other outpatient programs, all of which help to develop the skills that you learned in individual and group therapy. Through our extensive aftercare programs, we at Brooks Detox give you the foundation needed to integrate back into society.

Don't let another day pass you by without making a step towards a better life. Brooks Detox of Atlanta GA has trained professionals who genuinely care about you and your future of sobriety. Please call us today to start your journey towards a drug-free life.

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