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Admitting You Have a Problem

Addiction leads to a host of bad symptoms: strained relationships with loved ones, financial turmoil, a lack of concentration on professional or educational goals, and, worst of all, a crippling dependence on toxic substances.

We at Brooks Detox in Glenview, Illinois want to assist you in restoring your health, relationships, and ambition in life by providing you with the life skills, tools, compassion and practical steps you need to rise “above the influence.”

Working with Our Professional Staff

Recovery is a process that requires professional guidance and hands-on assistance at every stage. The professionals at Brooks addiction recovery facility in Glenview, IL will monitor you closely to ensure successful treatment and to provide support when needed.

Our staff will also encourage you to be 100% honest about your needs and concerns. By fostering an accommodating and sincere environment at our facility, we promote honest exchange and amicable relations between staff and fellow clients.

Ensuring Your Safety and Privacy

The Brooks addiction recovery center in Glenview Illinois provides you with a safe and comfortable place from which to recover from your addiction. We offer privacy regarding all medical issues and serve as a refuge from distractions or unhealthy influences.

Detoxing and Follow-Up Steps

Physical detox is an important aspect of the recovery process. At our substance abuse treatment facility in Glenview IL, your detoxification will be managed and monitored by trained professionals. As your body rids itself of the foreign substances, our professional staff will be on hand to help you withstand the physical and psychological side-effects of detox. Physical detoxification is crucial in the process of recovery, but is usually followed by other important steps in order to prevent future relapse.

Maintaining Your Mental Health

Addiction is often closely associated with underlying mental health issues or unresolved past traumas. Our professional staff will carefully determine any mental health issues that may be contributing to your addiction. Identifying these issues and treating them is an important part of drug addiction recovery. Some common issues that contribute to addictive behavior are anxiety, depression, childhood trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder and bipolar disorder. Identifying and managing these issues is crucial to recovery success.

Attending Counseling

Our experienced therapists and counselors will help you through both individual and group counseling. These two types of sessions are both necessary for recovery and often complement each other.

In individual therapy, you will learn to open up to a trusted therapist. You will discover tools and skills that will help you deal with your innermost fears and concerns. In addition, you will gain confidence as you learn to be more vulnerable with others and to have pride in who you are and what you’ve been through.

In group therapy sessions, you will apply the skills that you learned in private sessions. You will learn about other people, about their journeys and their struggles, and understand the ways that addiction can touch different lives. Although it may be difficult to share at first, with time, you and your peers will develop a camaraderie and grow to encourage one another to participate in open and supportive dialogue.

Committing to Sobriety Post-Treatment

After completing your individualized addiction recovery program, you will have all the necessary tools and skills that you need to maintain your sobriety. However, we at Brooks Detox of Glenview IL know from experience that reinforcement and continued attendance of support groups will only strengthen your resolve to a lifetime of sobriety. Therefore, we offer continued support post-rehab through our various aftercare programs.

These aftercare programs are individualized to your specific situation and include continued mental health treatment, group and individual therapy, recreational opportunities with other alumni, and much more. Aftercare also includes practical help such as life skills classes and other education courses.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or to make an appointment with an administrator to learn more about Brooks’ facility in Glenview, Illinois.