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Brooks Detox

Drug Rehabilitation One Step at a Time

Brooks Detox drug rehab center in Boston, Massachusetts offers you the possibility to safely detox from substances and to maintain sobriety. Unlike “home remedies,” Brooks is a qualified facility that can provide you with the supervision, comfort, and knowledge that you need to recover from addiction.

Successful Rehabilitation Begins With Supervised Detox

The first step of addiction recovery is supervised detox. During this process, you will be carefully monitored and given the best possible care. While some individuals may try to detox at home, this is not recommended; in fact, those unequipped and unprepared to deal with the full extent of symptoms of detox may do more damage than good. At Brooks Detox Center of Boston, MA, you will be taken care of by people who understand the detoxification process and who are experienced in minimizing its effects.

A Dual Diagnosis Treatment Plan

Dual diagnosis treatment is designed for individuals trying to overcome an addiction and a mental health issue at the same time. Many individuals who struggle with addiction have underlying mental health needs, and a dual diagnosis treatment will provide remedies for both issues. Dual diagnosis treatment at our Boston MA facility will give you the help you need to overcome your addiction while maintaining good mental health.

Entering An Addiction Recovery Program

While you might be nervous about going to a drug rehab facility, the environment you encounter will be both professional and supportive. You will discover a safe space where you can work on your physical and mental health, and receive the treatment you need for recovery. You will also build relationships with those you meet in recovery. These individuals will then become part of your support network once you finish your program.

Building a Support Network in Recovery

Your support network will only keep growing as you recover. As you attend group sessions in an addiction treatment center, you will have the opportunity to hear emotional stories from others who are also working on their sobrieties, and to offer your support and encouragement.

Be Honest in Your Interactions With Others

Addiction can make you feel like you have to hide the truth from others. To get the most out of your recovery at Brooks Detox in Boston MA, pay attention to how you talk to the people you come in contact with. When you are honest in your interactions, it makes it easier for the people you are working with to support you. This is so vital to maintaining your sobriety since the people you meet while in recovery will become integral to your success once you leave residential care.

How Your Treatment Plan Works

You will develop an individualized treatment plan with a counselor to discuss all of your treatment needs. Your treatment plan is a guideline that allows you to measure your success, to determine where you need to make progress, and to know what to expect next from treatment. If changes need to be made, you can discuss them with your counselor to find a solution that will work for you.

The process of rehabilitation in Boston, MA begins with supervised detox and continues on through residential programs and aftercare to support your recovery. You can go to short-term residential treatment if you don't feel safe returning home, and live among peers in a sober living home if you need to stay away from unhealthy influences or relationships. As you learn successful relapse prevention strategies, the work of addiction recovery will gradually become easier.