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Brooks Detox

Substance abuse is a very serious issue that affects millions of people all over the world. Unfortunately, those with substance abuse issues can find it difficult to come to terms with their addictions on their own. In these cases, it may be best to consult a professional who has the experience, commitment, and resources to answer questions and propose a plan of treatment. At Brooks Detox addiction recovery program in Center Valley, Pennsylvania, we offer personalized treatments, comfortable accommodations, and a caring and dedicated staff.


One of the most difficult parts of addiction recovery is the detox period. Cutting off access to the abused substance will result in symptoms that can be difficult to cope with by yourself. At a drug detox clinic, we will make sure that you can go through the stages of withdrawal in a safe and controlled environment. This will involve a nutrient-rich diet and around-the-clock supervision.

Full Diagnosis

When you first arrive at Brooks addiction recovery center in Center Valley, PA, we will conduct an intake interview wherein you will be given a full physical work-up and asked some questions about your medical history and drug use. During this process, you will also be assessed to determine whether you have any existing mental health issues, along with your addiction. In many cases, substance abuse is tied to trauma, depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions. In order to provide adequate treatment, we must be aware of the extent of the addiction and whether we must also treat for any mental health conditions.

Unique Treatment Plan

Addiction is very common problem, but it is also a very personal problem. While many people suffer from addiction, addiction affects everyone differently. Because of this, no two treatment plans should be alike. A unique treatment plan has the benefit of accounting for the severity of the addiction, the causes of the addiction, and the individual’s set of strengths and weaknesses. Most treatments include providing you with the right mix of therapy, group counseling, meetings with a case manager, and other types of treatment.


Throughout your program at Brooks Detox addiction treatment center in Center Valley PA, you can be assured that your safety is a top priority. Not only will we provide monitored detox, but we will also offer comfortable living spaces and delicious meals from our private chef as you undergo treatment. During your stay here, you will be able to just focus on your recovery and forget everything else.

Sense of Community

Brooks treatment facility thrives from its strong sense of community. When you enter our substance abuse treatment facility, you will soon realize that everyone, from staff to fellow client, are here to support you. While at our Center Valley facility, you will have the chance to meet other people that are also struggling with addiction and to hear stories of what they’ve overcome. Some people you will meet during structured group therapy time, while others you will have the chance to meet at one of our informal group gatherings. By participating in these events, you will become more connected to your peers and become part of a community that will provide you with support even after you leave our facility.

Future Support

Maintaining sobriety can be difficult once you leave the structured and drug-free environment of Brooks Detox. For this reason, we provide you with options for ongoing therapy and aftercare programs that will allow you to stay away from old habits.