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No matter what you are addicted to or how long you have been suffering from addiction, you are not alone. Support can be found in loved ones, in family, and even in your local community. Here at Brooks Detox of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we offer a personalized plan of treatment, supervised detox and a solid foundation in recovery education in order to give you the best chance at life long sobriety.


While those who have never attended a rehabilitation center may view them as being clinical or ominous, the opposite is true. Those who work at Brooks Detox are among the kindest, most compassionate, and caring people you will ever meet. In addition, fellow clients help to create a nurturing environment based on sharing in their peers’ successes and failures.

When you visit our addiction treatment facility in Milwaukee, WI, you will find that the program is supportive of your needs and a safe place where you can convalesce in peace.

Dual Treatment

For individuals who have both a mental health diagnosis and a problem with addiction, dual diagnosis treatment is often prescribed. A dual diagnosis addiction recovery program provides you with the support you need to work on addiction while also giving you the tools needed to address your mental health. When you can focus on both mental health and addiction treatment at the same time, you have a better chance at long-term sobriety.


The peers that you meet at a drug rehab facility will come from all walks of life. Here at Brooks Detox all our clients are united by the common thread of substance abuse and addiction.

As you get to know others through group sessions and informal meetings, you will begin to form a support network of peers, one that you can rely on, if you choose to, in the years following treatment.


As you go through treatment, pay close attention to how you interact with others. Honesty doesn't always come naturally to those with addictions. You may have spent years lying in order to shield your loved ones from the extent or existence of your addiction. Once you enter Brooks addiction treatment center of Milwaukee WI, you will have the chance to open up without fear of being a burden or being judged. This is done through honest conversation, keen listening, and support of your fellow peers.

Individual Treatment Plan

Your Brooks counselor will help you to devise an individualized treatment plan based on your mental and physical health, your history of substance abuse, and other relevant factors. As you progress through your recovery program, you will be able to measure your success and motivate yourself to reach your goals. Counselors and case managers will also take careful note of your progress and offer advice on how you can improve.

Programs Offered

The process of recovery is different for everybody. Some people are able to enroll in an outpatient program wherein they visit the Milwaukee WI facility multiple times a week for treatment, while others with more severe addictions may opt for an inpatient program that will allow them to focus entirely on their recoveries.


For people who don't feel safe returning home, reintegrating back into the community can be a step-by-step, gradual process consisting of an extended program at Brooks Detox. Others may feel more comfortable returning to their homes and attending weekly support groups like Narcotics Anonymous. Regardless of your plan, the goal is to help you maintain your sobriety and give you the skills you need to live independently.

Once you are able to learn relapse prevention strategies and gain more control over your stress levels, you will discover that sobriety becomes easier. Each day you will find ways to reduce stress and live a more meaningful life.

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